Skateboarding is the easiest thing in the world that will never be perfect

Children, teenagers, young professionals and old hands – everyone wants to skateboard. But the first steps are really difficult. Of course you recognized that right away. It looks cool, looks nice on your TikTok, your followers think you’re something special. We know that you are something special. But not because of the likes and the number of followers. But because there is much more to you than you think. We teach you how to skateboard, no matter where you come from and what you can do. Stand stable, move safely and then come the tricks. Let’s find out together what suits you best – downhill, flow park, street, pure transition or all terrain. The main thing is to have fun and let the good times roll.

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City Country River

Skateboarding is not limited to “the halfpipe” or a modern skate park. And our offer even deliberately dispenses with such attractions, as this does not reflect the world in which our participants live. Skating comes from the street, from the curb, and in its best moments has more to do with socialization than with sport and performance. Because we mainly want to get absolute beginners over the threshold, we prefer a barrier-free area with smooth asphalt or concrete without major inclines. Then our motto also works: It certainly won’t hurt!

Using intrinsic motivation

The fascination of moving through muscle power generates an enormous amount of motivation – “Again!” is normal for us. And if someone is there with the right equipment, advice, good tips and sometimes a helping hand at the right moment, then there’s no stopping them

The street writes the curriculum

Almost, but it’s the mixture that makes the difference – years of skateboarding myself + exchanging experiences with colleagues + cooperating with professional associations and sports scientists results in a framework that is better than a rigid curriculum.

Our association is based in Burtenbach in the administrative district of Swabia. From here, we work increasingly in the Günzburg district, Augsburg city and country and beyond. Of course, voluntary work has its limits: when in doubt, asking can help. Even if we are not in a position to make an offer, we will be happy to put you in touch with contacts for workshops in your area. We maintain a friendly network throughout Bavaria.